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Spiral notebook Que Xopa!

Spiral notebook Que Xopa!

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Bring your ideas to life with the Que Xopa! notebook.

Whether it's capturing spontaneous moments of inspiration or meticulously organizing your dreams and goals, this ring binder is more than just a writing object: it's an extension of your thoughts. Made with delicate touch cardboard covers and soft coating, it guarantees not only a sophisticated design but also resistance.

Exquisite Touch: Soft coated lids for a premium experience.
Flexible Organization: Ring system to facilitate opening and writing.
Dotted Design: 100 dotted pages, ideal for sketching, planning or writing.
Optimal Dimensions: Perfect size, available in US (13 × 21 cm) and EU (14.5 × 21 cm) formats.
International Quality: Manufactured with excellence in the USA and Sweden.
Transform every thought into something tangible. Make this notebook the home of your greatest visions!
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